3D Scanners

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3D Scanner - Digitally scan and visualize different objects

3D scanning is the complete measurement of surfaces. The 3D scanner can display a real existing object digitally in a 3D form. There is a distinction between active and passive scanning. Active scanning uses a laser scanner, while passive scanning uses a photo scanner.

What can a 3D scanner do?

3D scanners are ideal for quickly and accurately measuring areal objects. The data determined during the scan process thus generate a kind of image of the object, which can then be visualized and evaluated in a variety of ways. 3D scanners also offer the option of displaying even irregular surfaces with a high resolution.

What should be considered when buying from a 3D scanner?

- In which areas can a 3D scanner be used? The application areas for 3D scanners are extremely diverse. The computer games and film industry is just as important as architectural firms or many artistic areas. The automotive and marine industry has long relied on high-performance 3D scanners. And also in medicine, in forensics or in the investigation of accidents, 3D scanners are used.

- What accessories are there for 3D scanners? The range of accessories ranges from the swivel arm to calibration surfaces to the matting spray, which also allows objects that are made of glass or very dark to easily be anti-reflective and ideally prepared for 3D scanning.