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The additives are substances of a chemical nature, obtained in the laboratory by means of special mixtures, which take care of the health of the mechanical components of all motor vehicles. Their composition can vary significantly depending on the type of fuel they are intended for and the ultimate goal to be achieved. The specific additive for diesel, for example, helps to keep the car's injectors clean, counteracting the accumulation of deposits. The one indicated for petrol, on the other hand, tends to exert greater protection against the fuel system.

Additive for fuel, oil and radiator: what are the differences between the various types?

Depending on the possible applications, it is possible to identify three different classes of membership for these substances. Fuel treatments improve engine performance and consequently extend life, while oil treatments act on the properties of lubricants, protecting mechanical parts from wear. The third type of additive is that intended for the radiator, whose function is to improve the efficiency of the cooling system.

How to choose a good additive for the engine?

- Carefully evaluate the type of vehicle and technology with which the additive is compatible.

- The presence of a special spout supplied with the tank containing the liquid solution can facilitate the tank filling operations.

- By opting for a high quality additive, you can enjoy the advantages of an important reduction both in terms of fuel consumption and engine failure.