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Controlling the interior temperature of your car, workshop, bedroom or mobile home is an undeniable comfort at your fingertips thanks to the many air conditioning solutions. Evaporative air freshener, split air conditioner, wall mounted, portable, or window: you are spoiled for choice, without losing sight of the need to use these devices in moderation. It is indeed advisable to limit the temperature difference between the outside and the inside at 7 degrees to avoid thermal shock for your body, but also to minimize the energy impact of an air conditioner. The power consumption is one of the criteria to consider when choosing your air conditioning unit, among other indicators such as the coefficient of performance, the noise level or the surface to be air conditioned.

How to cool a large room?

The supply of air conditioners is based on different technologies that are more or less adapted to your needs, depending on the climatic conditions in your area, the volume of parts you want to air-condition, your habits and your lifestyle. In a rather temperate region, a fan or a small air conditioner are quite suitable to bring you a little freshness in a well insulated studio or office. However, these solutions will not bring you the relief expected in a large living room exposed to the sometimes scorching radiation of the sun of the South, or in a large office overheated by the many computers or high temperatures outside the summer. Portable air conditioners without exhaust (or air fresheners) are often inefficient for rooms beyond 15 m2 and are considered as backup solutions. The regular and continuous air conditioning of a large room will be more comfortably and efficiently provided by a fixed air conditioning system, called "split" ("separated" in English). Composed of a compression and condensation unit to be installed outside the house, as well as an interior element that delivers fresh air, this type of air conditioner is particularly powerful. In your home, it is the discreet device par excellence in terms of volume and noise since the engine is installed outside.

How to choose your air conditioner?

- Determine the power you need: it is recommended to count 100 W per m2 or 45 W per m3. For an area of ​​20 m2 with a high ceiling of 2.5 m, the minimum power will therefore be 2,250 W (20 x 2.5 x 45).

- Compare filtering: an activated carbon filter is known for its effectiveness against bad odors. An electrostatic filter is recommended against dust, pollen and bacteria. These filters require regular maintenance and cleaning to maintain their effectiveness.

- Choose a device with resistance if you want to use your air conditioner to heat in the winter. Because if some reversible models can heat a room at a lower cost by recovering calories from outside, the temperature is sometimes too low outside for this extraction is sufficient.

- Focus on a portable monobloc air conditioning for a convenience device easy to use, maintain and transport.