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The smell of a new car is, for many, one of the most attractive that exists. The truth is that, it is known that car manufacturers strive to be so, intensifying during the months leading up to the sale a series of perfumes from paint, carpets or leather seats. Over time, this distinctive fragrance disappears. But, did you know that there are new car smell scent fresheners? In fact, in the car freshener market you will find a whole world of aromas at your disposal, which will make your car smell like the first day or as you prefer.

What is an air freshener?

An air freshener is an article that contains aromatic substances and that has the function of perfuming a closed room. In its origins, the first air fresheners contained plant compounds, such as oils or flowers. And, despite the fact that today we can still find 100% natural air fresheners, most use chemical or synthetic products mixed with others of plant origin. Also, it is important to remember that the air fresheners are simply dedicated to covering the most unpleasant smells of a room, but they do not manage to eliminate them completely.

What air fresheners can I find?

• There are air fresheners with more or less powerful odors; those with decorative or discrete function, and those with fun or classic shapes, such as pine.

• On the other hand, we can find more innovative air fresheners, such as humidifiers, electric and rechargeable, or traditional ones that hang from the mirror.

• Regarding the scents, the variety is infinite: from perfumed with nuts, flowers, or those that imitate the fragrance of leather and the ocean, among many others.

• Also, it is important to distinguish the air fresheners that are specifically designed for vehicles, from others of general use, but easily adaptable for your car.