Air Hockey

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Air hockey: a game of puck in your living room

The game of air hockey, or air hockey, is a table game inspired, as its name suggests, ice hockey. Its inventor, Bob Lemieux, an engineer for a manufacturer of billiard tables, created in 1972 a game mixing the two sports. The games are played with two pushers, a puck and a table for air hockey, and give way to fierce competitions.

Why bet on a table for air hockey?

For children, the game of air hockey is an excellent activity to develop reflexes and the spirit of competition. It also improves speed and dexterity. For parents, it is an opportunity to have fun with the family and to meet the challenges of the youngest. It can be played indoors and outdoors. The smaller models sit on a table. They are lightweight and easy to wear for quick storage. Those for outdoor, more robust, can also be arranged in a garage or a room dedicated to games.

How to choose your table for air hockey?

- Choose a table adapted to the age of your child.

- For the safety of the youngest, make sure that it meets the CE standards in force.

- Check the compatibility of your electrical installation with the power supply mode of the game rack.

- If you want to place your table outside, check that its coating is weatherproof.