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For most car owners, the term air mass calculator, or LLM for short, will not be a foreign word. Especially since he tightened exhaust regulations and car set, practical ablations and tools, such as the air mass meter are becoming increasingly important and should be a household name. The devices are now uncomplicated and compact installed and above all easy to install yourself. So you do not have to be a skilled auto mechanic to find the right device to measure the air mass in the car. While it is always annoying when such devices give up the ghost, but we have good news in advance. The devices can be ordered separately. Save yourself the costly route to a mechanic and lend a hand. The LMMs can be easily ordered in the online shop at affordable prices and delivered to your home. However, before you go to the basket full of motivation, there are a few simple things to consider and consider. After all, you should not make a bad buy and know what you are using the newly purchased device for and what is best for your purpose.

How does the air mass meter work?

The LLM, or air mass sensor, is an important component of modern car engines to guarantee a low-emission and efficient combustion process. While much less attention was paid to this fact a few years ago, emission levels play an important role, especially in the car industry, and must not exceed certain values ​​in favor of sustainability and environmental protection. How does the air mass calculator work?

The main task of the unit is to accurately determine the mass, temperature and pressure of the extracted air available for the combustion process. It determines, so to speak, the mass of air flowing through per unit of time. The mass flow of air is set proportional to the modal amount of oxygen contained. This allows the engine control system to calculate the optimum amount of fuel needed. Especially in diesel engines, the air mass calculator is used to control exhaust gas recirculation. Usually, the device is located directly between the air filter and the throttle cap. The air mass meter can be recognized by its cylindrical shape. In principle, there are two different types of LLM, it is important to know what kind you need for your car:

• The LLM heat wire is an older design but is still very common. The measuring point is located in a bypass channel, which ensures precise measurement data. The resistive elements are heated by surges and kept constant at 100 degrees. Based on the temperature difference, the engine control of the car can calculate the core values ​​meaningful.

• The hot-film air mass meters, on the other hand, contain sensors which are kept at a constant high temperature. By intake air, the sensors are cooled and compensated by the heating current again. Through this compensation, the sucked air mass can be determined. In contrast to the hot wire, the air mass meter does not require burn-out.

So before you decide to buy a new LLM, you should know what kind of car you need. If you are not sure, call your car dealer.

How do you recognize a defective LLM?

The most common symptoms are misfiring and power loss, as well as delays in acceleration, smoke, and noticeable knocking. In addition, with more modern cars your on-board computer should be able to detect the defect and immediately signal. If this is the case, you do not have to despair. The device can be easily reordered by yourself. However, you should keep your hands off the car ignition before you replace the defective device.