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Modeling, nail art and temporary tattoos are some of the activities that need airbrushing and painting accessories. To realize professional and detailed works there are now reliable products in different price ranges. The airbrushes, thanks to air compression systems, allow to spray various types of paint in a uniform or nuanced manner.

Thanks to the various models and accessories available, it is possible to use these airbrushes not only to paint walls, machines and models but also to decorate cakes for results by professional pastry chefs, to paint nails and to make detailed nail-art and even for temporary tattoos and drawings of "Body art".

Airbrushes: technical features

There are many airbrushes on the market and are distinguished by a series of technical features and complementary accessories present in the package. First of all, a distinction can be made between aeroparts and airplanes. The names already refer to the type of model: the first are airbrushes similar to pens, with an attachment at the bottom for the compression air cable; the others are real spray guns and recall the guns on the air compressors, with a button that serves to let the air and color escape.

The features to evaluate before buying an airbrush are:

• Weight: among the spray guns for sale it is possible to choose the one that is most convenient for gripping, and this also depends on the weight (more or less light).

• Needles: spray guns are equipped with needles of different sizes and not all have all the needles in their sales kits. They can have 0.25 mm, 1 mm, 1.4 mm, 2 mm tips.

• Nozzle: important for their action on the power circuit. The nozzles available for spray guns vary both in terms of power, which can range from 600 cc to 1000 cc, and their size: from 0.8 mm up to even 2 mm, depending on the needle to be supported.

• Supported paints: depending on the airbrush model it is possible to understand what type of paint can be used. Not all spray guns work with all paints, because this depends on the material with which they are made. For example, some stainless steel airbrushes are mainly suitable for water-based paints. The types of paints that can be used are: tempera, oil, solvent, watercolor, acrylic and ink.

• Paint tank: the tanks can be positioned both above and below or laterally to the airbrush. They can also have different sizes and go from small to rather large cups. The choice is advisable depending on the surface you want to color and paint.

Airbrush kits

Among the other accessories for painting these kits can also contain an instruction manual, the key connection to change needles and nozzles and may include an airbrush kit. In addition, among the spray guns and paint accessories available, there are some models that also include an air compressor and maintenance products. Often the whole kit is sold in a package with handles which is also very convenient for transport.

Airbrush cleaning and maintenance

Each type of airbrush will need care and proper maintenance. Cleaning products, which are often included in airplane and spray gun kits, include brushes made of nylon bristles and tips, suitable for removing dry paint and ideal for treating most standard spray guns currently on sale. The cleaning kits can then be integrated with the purchase of a cleaning fluid for airbrushes.