Anti-Theft Bolts

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Being exposed and easily removable, the wheels unfortunately represent one of the most stolen components from cars. However, even if your machine does not have special protection systems, you can avoid this by installing simple anti-theft bolts. You can then replace the standard ones with these specially designed models to discourage any attempted theft.

How do anti-theft bolts work?

If you look closely at a kit of anti-theft bolts, you will immediately notice some interesting features. The best models, in fact, consist of a series of hardened bolts capable of resisting attempts at forcing thanks to their monobloc structure and the presence of a rotating ring that prevents them from gripping the head. The latter also has an irregularly shaped notch, different for each kit. This means that no tool on the market will be able to unscrew these bolts but only you can do it, thanks to the specific key supplied.

How to choose anti-theft bolts?

- Buy a kit compatible with your car. In most cases you will only need to choose bolts that have the same diameter and the same length as the originals

- Prefer the one-piece models in hardened steel, which are normally able to withstand cutting or drilling attempts

- Make sure that the bolts have thin and irregular notches, which prevent disassembly of the wheels with common tools on the market

- To assemble and disassemble your wheels more easily, buy anti-theft bolts with a self-centering key