Artificial Plants

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A decorative element that always brings joy, both open and closed spaces, are plants. But, there are people who do not buy them because they do not have time to take care of them, they usually forget to water them or have allergies. For them, the perfect alternative is artificial plants. In addition to not needing irrigation and being suitable for allergy sufferers, artificial plants need very little care, resist adverse temperatures, can be placed in places without light, do not attract insects and, obviously, do not wilt. Also, they are more economical in the long term, since with them we do not have to use products like fertilizer and pesticides, and last a long time without deteriorating. They bring beauty and harmony and are perfect as a gift, as they can be found for all tastes: trees, shrubs, hanging plants, flower centers, cacti, aquarium plants and even bamboo replicas.

How to clean artificial plants?

Artificial plants usually accumulate dust on their leaves and flowers, so it is advisable to clean them from time to time. The way to clean them depends on the type of plant you acquire, their size and strength, and whether they have flowers or not.

• If your plant is resistant and does not have small flowers, you can dry clean it with a vacuum cleaner, with compressed air cans or with the dryer, with cold air. Another solution is to put our artificial plant in a bag with salt and shake for a few seconds.

• If you are dealing with resistant flower bouquets, you can put them under the tap. But, if they are large plants and the dust has accumulated for a long time, you may want to clean them outdoors with a hose. In this case, be careful not to apply too much pressure and wet the pot too much, since the material of this can deteriorate.

• For more delicate plants or with small leaves and flowers, we must adopt a less drastic solution: we can wet them with a vaporizer and then clean them with a cloth or brush them with a wet toothbrush.

Before cleaning your plant with water or another product, it is very important that you make sure that the color does not come off when you clean it. For this, first clean a small part of the plant and observe the result. And remember, never dry your plants in the sun because this can damage the material they are made from.

What artificial plants to buy?

Keep in mind the occasion, since the type of artificial plant you buy will depend on it:

• If you are going to decorate your house, you probably prefer to buy large plants for corners, hanging plants or flower centers.

• If you are going to make a gift, buying a bouquet of flowers may be the best option.

Consider how much time you want to devote to your plant. Although artificial plants hardly need time or care, we have mentioned that it is advisable to clean them from time to time.

• If you want to clean them very quickly, you will prefer large, resistant plants without flowers.

• If you do not mind spending a little more time, you can choose small plants, with more flowers and ornaments.

Another detail to take into account is the decoration of the place: to decide which plant to buy, you must evaluate which ones are more suited to the style of the place where you want to place them. To find your ideal decoration you can be inspired by ideas you find in blogs or magazines of style and decoration for the home.