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As summer approaches and you look forward to your balcony or patio, it's time to start worrying about sun protection. If the sun is too strong, an awning is the ideal solution to provide shade and protection. Awnings have been around for a long time, because even earlier people were looking for ways to protect themselves from the hot summer sun.

Awnings are not only available in different colors and designs, but there are also different ways to mount the awning.

What types of awnings are there?

One differentiates under the following awnings:

• clamping awning

• articulated arm awning

• cassette awning

• Folding roof awning

• Side awning / vertical awning

• awning

But not only in summer awnings are of great use. They protect not only from too much sunshine, but also from rain. In addition, they provide perfect privacy from the neighbors.

Which awning is the right one for your home

As already described, there are many different types of awnings and therefore the decision can sometimes be difficult.

If you are currently renting and you are not allowed to drill holes, the terminal markings could be the ideal solution for your problem. As the name implies, the tension supports are clamped between the floor of the balcony and the ceiling, which makes the installation of the terminal sarkie very easy. If you only live in your apartment for a while, you can simply dismantle the parking permit and take it with you to your new apartment.

Articulated arm awnings are the most common models. To mount the articulated arm awning, you need to attach brackets to the house wall and screw the awning over the desired area. Articulated arm awnings are thanks to their simple design also one of the cheaper variants.

Cassette awnings are very similar to the articulated arm awnings, however, the awning fabric and the articulated arms can be retracted into a cassette. This has the advantage that you can protect your awning from wind and bad weather conditions.

Folding roof awnings resemble pavilions and are attached to the house wall. They have the advantage that the awning cloth and the frame can be dismantled in winter, so that the awning is protected from snow and ice.

With vertical awnings or side awnings, you can regulate the climate not only outside but also indoors and ensure a pleasant temperature, even in high summer. There are vertical awnings that you install directly on the window on the facade, so that you are optimally protected from the sun in the interior.

Other side awnings in the form of flexible partitions offer especially privacy in the garden or on the terrace. The advantage of this side awning is that you can extend and retract it as often as you wish and do not need to erect a permanent screen in the form of walls or bushes. In addition, the side awning also offers weatherproof windbreak.

Stand awnings are free-standing awnings that do not need to be attached to the house. They are operated either with an engine or a crank. Compared to the sunshade, the awning has no center post, but supports on the sides. Another advantage is that you can set and place them individually. Therefore, the awning is especially suitable for larger gardens with several sitting areas.

Many designs and extras

Which awning is the right one for your balcony or terrace, you have to decide. There are many different designs and extras, such as small LED lamps on the awning fabric. Which colors and extras you choose is up to you and your wallet. Summer is approaching and you are looking for an awning for your balcony, terrace or garden? No problem. Take a look at our wide range and order your awning today with the right accessories to protect you from sun, wind and rain.