Baby Bassinets

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The bassinet is a wicker carrycot with handles that are placed on legs or an iron or wooden support. It is indicated for the first weeks of the baby, since it is a light element and easy to transport when the child weighs little. Its small size makes the newborn can touch the limits with hands and feet, which is shown to help you fall asleep. As a curiosity, it takes its name from the biblical character Moses, who is said to have left his mother drifting in a basket in the waters of the Nile to escape the pharaoh's edict, by which all newborn children of Hebrews should be drowned

Why buy a bassinet cradle?

When the wait is over and the new member of the family arrives, all the care given falls short. The bassinet gives the newborn an extra safety because, by its dimensions, places the child in a collected position, similar to what he enjoyed in the womb.

When buying a baby bassinet, parents should bear in mind that it is good that it can be placed next to their bed so that the child is as controlled as possible. As for the price, many doubt whether to buy this crib because its usefulness expires after three to five months, however, in the market there are models for all pockets. Pediatricians recommend opting for well-known brands when buying a bassinet, and they urge parents to make sure that the crib has passed the required safety controls.