Baby Blankets

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Babies need, in the first months after birth, to be constantly protected from the cold, both inside the home and outside. This is the reason why having a blanket specially designed for them and that can be used both in the crib and in the cart seems fundamental. In addition, along with crib protectors, cushions and muslin children, if they have nice and colorful designs, will help them feel comfortable and wrapped to rest better.

How to place blankets for babies?

Baby blankets, whether designed for the stroller or for the crib, should be placed so that they fit snugly in the child's body. To do this, he has to lie down, first, the child on the mattress and then put the blanket over him leaving his head free and adjusting it to the contours of his body. In this sense, if it is a quilted model, better. And, in this way, they will also be more protected against possible blows.

How to choose baby blankets?

- Pay attention to the filling. Many of these blankets have fillings to provide more warmth. If it can be extracted, you can use them both in winter and in spring and autumn.

- Take into account the age of your baby. Choose the right model based on your baby's age. In this sense, the smaller it is, the more you must allow the attachment and adjustment to your body so that they are not discovered during the night.

- Opt for soft fabrics. Cotton and wool, as long as they do not generate allergies, are the ones that the youngest ones like the most.