Baby Mobiles

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A baby mobile can hang over a cot, changing table or even on a stroller. These toys are often characterized by interesting, colorful hanging elements such as flowers, angels, animals and trees. Many also offer soothing music and lights that catch the little one's attention. There are even variants where lights shine on the ceiling or on the walls. Some are powered by batteries, others by the power outlet. In such Mobiles the cot should therefore be located near a power outlet. If you choose a battery-operated mobile for babies, batteries can help you save time and money.

You will also find baby mobiles to raise. These are perfect for toddlers who only watch the toy for a few minutes before they go to sleep. If they play with the mobile for more than a few minutes, it stops and needs to be reared. These devices also come with advanced versions that can be controlled remotely. So with these technically sophisticated mobiles you can often determine when the music is playing, which lights are on and how long the mobile is moving.

Movement types of the mobile

The most popular type of mobile for babies is the one that turns in circles. Other variants can move to the sides or stand still. Mobile without movement are perfect for buggies where they are within reach of the baby hands. The figures or toys that are attached to the mobile can also move in a different direction than the mobile itself. An active movement of the device visually appeals to your child.

The right elements for your child

When choosing a baby mobile, consider items that please both you and your baby. In music, this should be calming and pleasing both you and your child. Often, these toys provide several tunes and different sounds that sustain the interest of the toddler. The lighting should be appealing but not so exciting that it keeps the baby from sleeping. The hanging toys should be pleasant and funny - there are also familiar characters from film and animation. Other mobile phones for babies are equipped with small picture frames and offer the possibility to add your own family photos. Some also offer the option of sharing the drooping elements as your baby grows and develops. A hanging baby mobile within reach of a baby in a stroller or in a child seat should be equipped with soft plush toys that the toddler can grip and squeeze. Some of these toys have mirrors to let your baby see his reflection, others have rattles.

Hang up the mobile properly

A mobile for babies should be mounted so high that the hanging elements are out of the reach of the child. Make sure that the length of the cords is less than 18 centimeters. This will keep your baby from accidentally getting caught.

If you already own a baby mobile, you may only need a mobile carrier for your baby's crib or baby's changing table. Some holders fit certain types of mobiles while others are universally applicable. Choose a version that can be easily attached to and removed from most surfaces. There are also many brackets that are washable.

Promote the development of your child

Baby mobiles promote the perception of the world. They help children to develop concentration and visual control of their environment, extras like lights are helpful. Music promotes hearing development. As the baby grows, it also develops a sense of color. Using a mobile for babies with different colors helps to stimulate this development. In order to playfully promote the senses of your child, you will find numerous variants of mobiles.