Baby Sleeping Bags

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Baby sleeping bags are cloth bags with, generally, three holes: one for the head and two for the little arms (although we can also find two extra openings for the feet). Sleeping bags are substitutes for traditional crib sheets and allow the child to be wrapped throughout his sleep without uncovering.

What is a baby pouch for?

Although the main function of a sleeping bag for babies, is to prevent it from uncovering at midnight, it is not the only one. The baby bags make them feel more secure, since they are more warm and clothed. In addition, they allow you to sleep comfortably in any place, since they relate the pouch with the time to sleep, regardless of whether the pouch is in the crib or elsewhere.

How to choose a sleeping bag for babies?

When buying a bag for our baby, we must consider two important factors:

• Bag size: Babies grow very quickly and, even if you think that the best solution is to choose a sack that is large enough to last longer, this can be risky. Ideally, the bag should not be much larger than your child's body size, because if we acquire a bag that is too big, the child can slip inside while sleeping, which is extremely dangerous.

• Thickness of the fabric: It will depend on the temperature of the place where we will use it. If it is rather cold, we should look for a thicker cover or one that contains a fleece; while, if it is generally warm, we should look for a bag made of fine fabric and very breathable.