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Of course, the regular mowing of the lawn is also part of the care of the garden. While you can use any standard lawn mower, the mower, which is often referred to as a front mower, in addition to cutting grain and thin shrubs, but also easy for larger areas, ideally suited.

However, a mower is not only practical for mowing grass and grain: in winter, it can even take over the function of a snow plow. You can find more information on this as well as how a beam mower functions and cares in this article.

How does a mower work?

The big difference to other lawn mowers is the cutter bar, which is located at the front of the lawn mower. This has several cutting fingers and is mounted on the entire width of the beam mower. The knives are triangular and stacked in two rows that intersect in opposite directions.

A hand-beam mower is based on an axle and is powered by an internal combustion engine. This drives also the wheels; the principle is the same as with normal lawn mowers. Larger beam mowers, for example, attached to the side of tractors, however, are usually driven hydraulically.

Working with a joystick is similar to that of any other lawnmower. He has two handles on which he is pushed, similar to a wheelbarrow. The handles are located on the backbone of the mower, where the engine is located and which connects the scaffolding with the wheels.

The care of beam mowers

Not only do you want to make sure you can use it for a long time, if you have bought your lawn mower second hand. You should pay attention to a few factors.

First, you should use a high quality oil to ensure optimal lubrication. When using the wrong lubricating oil, the engine may suffer and prematurely show signs of wear. Make sure that you have a 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine here. In 2-stroke engines, the oil burns together with the gasoline, while it is used separately in 4-stroke engines and is mainly responsible for the lubrication. The oil is also very good for bringing the lawnmower over the winter months, without causing soiling in the engine.

Due to the open cutting surface and the field of application, the cutting fingers are often exposed to stones and earth; so they dull faster. It is best to free the cutting surface quickly after each use of the first layer of dirt. However, the blades of the beam mower are comparatively easy to sharpen. Even inexperienced hobby gardeners can easily lend a hand here. It is best to remove the knives before sharpening them with the help of a grindstone or an angle grinder.

Over the winter months or longer use of the mower, you should store it dry and weatherproof, so that no rust can occur. The cutting fingers should be covered.

Accessories and spare parts

In winter, the mower can easily be converted into a snow shovel. For this purpose, you can attach a snow blade to the rubbing strip. Depending on weather conditions and snow depth, snow chains can make sense for the tires.

If the knives break down or can not be sharpened, there are universal spare parts that are suitable for most models and can be easily replaced. Also, the outsole and the retaining plate are easy to replace. The tires are as easy to change as seals and valves. There are also universal parts that are easy to buy.

Special protective clothing or noise protection is basically not required when working with a bar mower. However, with frequent and regular use, noise protection is only recommended for prevention. Solid gloves are also part of gardening. Clothing should be as tight as possible when working with other lawn mowers to avoid accidents.