Bath Mats

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Safety and comfort after showering - with a new bath mat

The daily bath and shower is something we all have in common. If you want a relaxing bath in the tub, it's nice to have a little pad under your feet that prevents slipping and absorbs moisture. Especially for children and the elderly, non-slip bath mats prevent injuries in the shower and ensure a pleasant and safe washing time. Colorful rugs and mats protect your floor as you come out of the shower and allow you to relax. Thick bath mats protect your feet from cold tiled floors in winter. If you're getting a new home or renovating, it's time to bring more comfort and safety to the bathroom with mats and rugs.

Materials and properties of bath mats

Keep the floor dry and clean with a bath mat next to the shower. Bamboo mats are waterproof, very easy to clean and add a touch of spa to your bathroom. You can also roll up a flexible bamboo mat and store it in the closet or next to the tub. If you prefer it more traditional, bath mats made of cotton fabric are soft and cozy and can be put in the washing machine and dryer for easy cleaning. Find a mat that suits your towels, or get several mats to change in different colors for the whole year. Eucalyptus hardwood mats are also waterproof and an absolute eye-catcher. Look for models with rubber feet or stoppers on the bottom, which provide slip resistance even on damp ground.

Bath mat rug for larger areas in the bathroom

Bath Mats - Rugs cover a larger floor area and have a carpet-like structure. Loop rugs typically have a rubber bottom that prevents them from slipping. Most of them are also washable. Look for matching bath mats sets including toilet seat cover and toilet rug cover. If you like high pile carpets, high pile mats with extra long fibers are as warm as they are stylish. Rugs with colorful animals and cartoon characters give each children's bathroom a playful touch. Gel mats lie in front of the bathroom sink and relieve feet and ankles as you perform your daily hygiene routine.

Other material and design options

Shower liners and textured rubber bath mats prevent feet from slipping. Natural rubber mats in lively shapes, such as animals and flowers, adhere to tiles without any glue, so your little ones can play safely in the bathroom. Structured PVC bath mats can be quickly removed for regular washing and can be placed in a freestanding shower as a practical, non-slip solution. Designs with a pebble structure are available in a range of modern colors, as well as models with large stone shapes for a more rustic touch. You will also find rolls of textured PVC to cut a mat to your own specifications. Non-slip stripes offer a space-saving alternative to bath mats in the shower.

Massage and other wellness functions

Some bath mats also adhere to suction cups, so you can attach them firmly to the side of the bath, for example. For an instant massage, bubble bath mats with remote control allow you to turn any bathroom into a jacuzzi. Cushioned mats also have pillows and seats to support your neck and spine in a relaxed position while you sit back for a soothing bath session.

Bath mats are essential for protection and comfort. Modern wooden mats require little to no care and add a touch of day spa elegance to your bathroom. Non-slip mats in the shower provide safety when getting in and out. Extra-thick rugs warm feet during the cold months and keep water out of the ground. Whatever your personal preferences are, here are plenty of options for children and adults.