Bath & Shower Systems

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Today, showering is not just about daily body care but also wellness and relaxation. And whether it ripples, patters or pours - you decide! In the meantime, there are an incredible number of different shower systems that can be individually tailored to your wishes and requirements. Although you can buy each item individually, shower systems are often a simpler and more elegant solution to the wide choice on the market.

What does a shower system have to do?

A modern shower system not only ensures perfect physical cleansing, but also provides the ultimate in wellness. Because these uniformly designed complete solutions for the shower are no longer equipped with an overhead shower, but with several different water jets that can shower the body in different areas and even massage through the adjustable power of the water jet. In this way, the shower system can be individualized and you can start the day as quickly and comfortably as possible. The following components can be tailored to your needs:

• Showers: Shower systems traditionally have an overhead shower, often in the form of a large rain shower, and a hand shower reminiscent of a smaller shower head. The smaller hand shower has a stronger jet than the rain shower, whereby water pressure and beam width of modern shower heads can be individually adjusted. Additional massage jets can relax and massage painful neck and back muscles after a long and strenuous working day. Overall, showers should not be too loud and do not consume too much water.

• Faucet: Lime can greatly reduce the operability of bathroom faucets, so an anti-limescale system is essential. When choosing the right shower bar for your new showering experience, make sure it's long enough and made from quality materials such as chrome. A shower thermostat guarantees a constant temperature.

• Shower tray: The shower tray creates the right basis for your showering experience. The height of the shower tray may vary. While a walk-in shower cubicle is particularly chic and comfortable, but the water drains off less effectively, the classic tall tub keeps the floor dry.