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How to find the perfect bathrobe

There is nothing more pleasant than a soft bathrobe just after showering. In households with a whirlpool or swimming pool in the garden, they are very popular for getting over a bath after bathing - especially on a cool evening. Or have a bathrobe at the end of your bed ready to look well-groomed and comfortable after getting up. He is perhaps the accessory that everyone in the household needs alike. This is how it can be found in the favorite colors and fabrics for everyone.

practical materials for well-being

Fluffy and absorbent bathrobes are the best friends for him and her on a cool morning. The 100% cotton terry absorbs the excess moisture that remains after drying with towel. Even more warmth is provided by microfiber fleece bathrobes, which wrap you in perfect softness and quickly air-dry. To keep your head warm after bathing or bathing in the spa, there are also bathrobes with oversized hoods.

Models for the lady

Women's bathrobes are also available in filigree fabrics such as satin or light knitwear. You can wear them over a light nightgown at home for an elegant evening - or pack them in your travel bag as a light robe for a weekend outing. Lace trim and shorter hems give women's bathrobes the feel of a negligee. Cotton feels like your favorite T-shirt, and is ideal if you want to wear something light in the summer after bathing. A wrap towel envelops the body up to the shoulders - if you prefer to stay cool.

Models for the men

Men's bathrobes also have many options. Wadenlange hooded bathrobes made of fluffy cotton ensure a pleasant rest after a long working week. Bathrobes with hoods will keep you warm after a quick shower or a few refreshing rounds in the pool. If you just need something to coat between bath and wardrobe, we recommend a wrap-around robe that ties around the waist and secure with a Velcro fastener as you get ready.

Models for the little ones

When your kids are done in the bath, wrap them in gorgeous fluffy robes so they do not catch a cold. A bathing poncho can be easily pulled over the head of your daughter to lint free and quickly dry. Through the hood, her head remains comfortably warm while she warms up for the cot. You will find robes with their favorite characters from Disney and in their favorite colors. If she prefers to wear cotton terry or microfiber fleece, there are plenty of styles and designs she will love. With boy bathrobes, the little one can disguise himself as a pirate with a hood or terrifying dinosaurs. As he gets older, you can wrap him in a blue microfleece robe with soccer motives. Maybe you'll find a matching hoodie for him so he can indulge in sweet idleness on the weekend, just like his dad.

Outdoor models

If you're an outdoor enthusiast, a bathrobe on the beach will serve you well. So you can slip out of your diving suit in dry shorts or discretely change at the campsite. This accessory is also called surf poncho and can also be used as a towel. This saves space and weight when packing. The oversized hoods keep men, women, and children dry after playing in the surf. Unisex bathrobes in neutral colors make a fabulous gift for the men and women in the circle of friends. Logos of well-known sportswear brands can add a fashionable touch to the whole.

Bathrobes are just as comfortable for relaxing as they are for drying after a hot shower. Take them to the beach or to the sunny south, so you can stay dry after the pleasurable dip in the sea. Have fun buying this accessory for the whole family.