Bathroom Accessories

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They have become an integral part of the sanitary sector: hand showers, shower curtains, soap dispensers, toilet goggles and other bathroom and toilet accessories. If you have found the shower head of your dreams, you can be spoiled with a back massage or with a refreshing shower. A good hand shower is a smart tool to turn your bathroom into a spa oasis. In the course of personal hygiene, a good hand shower reliably washes your head in a reliable manner. Or do you need a new soap dispenser? Whether wall-mounted or free-standing - attractive soap dispensers are practical, keep the sink clean and at the same time a beautiful eye-catcher. From models in plain white to transparent to elaborate bronze decorated variations, the small liquid soap dispensers give your bathroom a personal touch. This makes hand washing a pleasure.

Indispensable with a small touch of luxury is a comfortable toilet seat. If the bathroom and toilet are united in one room, this seating becomes a stylish bathroom accessory. With a non-slip and easy-to-install toilet seat you can also see the sanitary facility as a lifestyle object. A stable coating, which will not be damaged in the long term during cleaning, is also a significant factor in the selection of the quality of the seat pad.

Which bathroom accessories belong in your interior?

It depends of course on your personal taste and on the spatial conditions. In the bathroom and toilet accessories such as hand showers and toilet seats are indispensable elements of everyday use. The look also plays a big role: Shower curtain, hand shower and toilet seat are the eye-catcher of your sanitary area. The entire picture of bathroom and accessories is strongly influenced by color, material and design.

How to choose bathroom accessories?

- Which shower has the suitable functions? Do you need a shower head with massage function and multiple spray modes or is the conventional version sufficient? The beam of a multi-function hand shower is adjustable by turning and calcification should be easily removed with a finger. A Rainshower shower head ensures a special sense of well-being.

- Which quality and which additional functions of the toilet seat should be considered? Very practical is a toilet seat with soft close, which automatically closes after use of the lid. The slow automatic lowering has the advantage that the hinges on the lid will not wear out so quickly. However, the operation of the automatically closing toilet lid by hand leads to faster wear and loosening of the hinges.

- What material should the mounting parts of the toilet seat consist of? Metal hinges ensure longer durability and skid resistance, as plastic hinges can break more easily.

- Which color and design is desired? White is the most neutral and fits any sanitary facility. Some households prefer the more durable wooden toilet seat, while the plastic variant, perhaps even transparent, seems daintier. Duraplast has gained popularity as a material because it combines the durability of the wood and the glossy nature of the plastic.

- Which color is generally to be chosen for bathroom accessories? Even the eye takes a shower with you: The hand shower made of chrome fits best to a colored bathtub, while the shower with white plastic coating blends in perfectly with the white bathtub. A transparent shower curtain always works well, especially when all bathroom accessories are color-coordinated. Otherwise, flowery models with white backgrounds or pastel finishes have often proven useful.