Bathroom Medicine Cabinets

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For the storage of first aid means a medicine cabinet is wonderful. Skin care products and other items can be stowed in it easily and safely. Often called the medicine cabinet and medicine cabinet, since many households have now accumulated a large collection of funds. In some countries an information leaflet is even available for filling the medicine cabinet.

What belongs in a medicine cabinet?

If you want to equip your medicine cabinet for the first time, you should consider which minor injuries and problems occur in everyday life and can be treated directly at home.

• patches and other wound healing products for scratches, abrasions, cuts or burns

• Indications for indigestion, diarrhea, nausea, flatulence and other gastrointestinal disorders

• Dressing material, such as compresses and gauze bandages

• Medication for cold symptoms, such as fever, headache, sore throat, body aches and a stuffy nose

Ointments against mosquito and other insect bites

• Clinical thermometer, tick tweezers, tweezers, disposable gloves and other accessories that may be useful in the event of illness

Likewise, you should stick important numbers on the inside of the door, such as the phone numbers of the fire department, the family doctor and pediatrician or emergency contact.

More tips for proper storage

The medicine cabinet should be hung in a cool, dry place, for example in the bedroom. The kitchen and especially the bathroom are rather unsuitable, since there is more moisture and heat collected by water vapor. Especially creams and ointments can expire faster, even if the expiration date stated on the packaging is still in order.

Install the medicine cabinet at a child-safe height, preferably over 1.5 meters. It should always be tightly closed and the key not too easily accessible. The medicines themselves should be stowed in their original packaging and with leaflets, so that you always have the instructions ready. Also, check the expiration date before using a medicine.