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The care of the environment is one of the main concerns shared by citizens and countries throughout the world, and that is why the advances aimed at reducing to the maximum the impact that the human being has on the ecosystem. In public restrooms it is a constant for years to have sensor taps to avoid the great waste of forgetting to close the water source. Another of the most widespread mechanisms in this sense is the progressive substitution of the faucets bimando by the single-lever manifolds. The explanation is simple: thousands of liters of water were lost in the time in which the two controls were manipulated until reaching the ideal temperature. Although it is true that in single-lever taps water is also wasted, studies say that the final count is much lower.

How to choose the ideal sink faucet?

Care of the environment apart, there are several points to consider when choosing the sink faucet that best suits the needs of each user. In the first place, it is important to pay attention to the finishes, and that their appearance does not clash with the rest of the bathroom decoration. A faucet can be matt, chrome, shiny or even some color other than silver. The higher the quality of the finish, the better it will resist corrosion and the better it will maintain the shine as the years go by. In addition, when buying bathroom faucets the customer has to make sure that the closing mechanism is safe, that is, that it does not lose water. In this way you will save a significant amount of water and you will get a reduction in the invoices not negligible.

Types of bathroom faucets according to the installation

• Washbasin taps on shelf: It is the most common method in homes, and is suitable for both single-lever and bimand faucets. When placing it, it is important to make sure that the opening mechanism does not collide with any element that compromises its functionality.

• Built-in washbasin taps: It is a trend in recent times, although not all bathrooms are prepared to accommodate this type of faucet. In the event that the installation does not allow the basin tap to be flush with the wall, the work can end up being very expensive.

• Wall-mounted wall-mounted washbasin taps: They are characterized by the fact that the pipes reach the faucet embedded in the wall, and they are bifurcated to allow two intakes where the tap is connected.

Latest advances in basin faucets

Although it is always said that everything is already invented, plumbing manufacturers always seek to give a twist to their products and offer a plus that differentiates them from the competition. In the case of lavatory faucets, models that incorporate LED technology are now commercially available to give the impression that the water comes out of one color or another depending on its temperature. The hotter, the redder, and the colder, the blueder. In the most functional plane, the biggest advance in recent times has been the incorporation of ceramic cartridges, a mechanism that allows increasing the accuracy in opening and closing. In this sense are also the water diffusers, which mix water and air without diminishing the sensation of water quantity. With them you can save up to fifty percent.