Bathroom Sinks

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The washbasin is an indispensable part of the bathroom and toilet that is used for hygienic purposes to wash your hands and brush your teeth. It consists of a fixed bowl, one (or more) tap (s) and a water drain hole. Like many other furniture, the sink has become a device that helps make the bathroom a place of relaxation and relaxation. There are different types of washbasins that one chooses according to the space available and the characteristics of the bathroom.

How to choose a bathroom sink?

If your bathroom is small, the wall-hung washbasin is ideal. It can be attached to the wall of the bathroom with threaded rods. It will always be possible for you to install a piece of furniture under the sink to save space. If you want a model suitable for a spacious bathroom, choose a pedestal sink. A built-in model is more appropriate if you share your bathroom with several other people. Directly installed on a piece of furniture, it maximizes the space of the bathroom by offering additional places where you can store your belongings. The built-in sink is also adapted to the needs of homes with children. Thanks to its dimensions, it prevents splashing water on the ground. If you prefer a decorative model, opt for a basin or choose from several fashionable devices.