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Charles Darwin designed the first armchair with wheels to facilitate his work. And the invention of the stools with wheels has fallen like May water to those who need comfort to develop certain tasks and, at the same time, have the greatest freedom of movement possible. The stools with wheels offer a great solution to hairdressers, dentists, doctors and those who must attend to babies or dependents.

What are stools with wheels without backrest? How to make stools with car wheels?

The stools with wheels, without any support, allow to use the arms without barriers like backs or armrests. In addition, they are lightweight and save time when sitting and when getting up. They can be used as bath stools, although in this variant there is a wide range of models, probably more suitable.

With regard to stools with car wheels, it is possible to manufacture them with a little imagination and a certain amount of skill. They are suitable for eclectic and modern spaces, and also for use as outdoor furniture.

How to choose stools with wheels?

- Note that the stools with wheels that you like give you a good quality, that is, resistant materials and excellent manufacturing details.

- Choose between the stools with wheels that present neutral color seats, so that they do not break the harmony of your decoration.

- If you are looking for a bathroom stool among the stools with available wheels, think that, perhaps, a stool without wheels could provide a better solution.