Bathroom Wall Cabinets

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Storage space is needed in every bathroom, be it for the storage of towels, toilet paper or cosmetics. It is often the problem, especially in smaller bathrooms, to subdue everything in such limited space. While bathroom cabinets or freestanding cabinets are also an option, wall cabinets also offer plenty of storage space in every little bathroom.

You should pay attention to this when choosing

Of course, choosing the right hanging cabinet also depends on the look. However, you should be aware of the pros and cons of different materials. Here it depends mainly on the condition of the bathroom: Without windows or sufficient air circulation should be placed on wall cabinets with plastic coating. Even metal keeps the increased humidity without any problems. With wood, the whole thing is already difficult. When planning, you should also take the correct dimensions and include factors such as electrical outlets, pipes and water connections. If you measure the height, the lower edge of the cabinet should not be in the way, but not so high that you can not reach the cabinet easily.

How to hang up your wall cabinet yourself

The easiest way to attach your wall cabinet with wedges. The assembly is thereby considerably facilitated and accelerated. First, the desired height or the desired space on the wall is marked. Thereafter, a bar is mounted on the wall; the matching counterpart comes to the back of the cabinet. The practical system makes it possible to simply insert the strips into each other. This has the additional advantage that the cabinet can be moved along the bar. In addition, you prevent the drilling of deep holes, which can be very beneficial especially in rental housing or houses.