Beach Towels

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At the sea as in the mountains, in the pool as at the lake but also in city breaks, in the shade of a tree in a park, a beach towel is ideal for any occasion of relaxation and is a valid ally of sportsmen and lovers of 'water, offering not only a support base on different surfaces but also a warm embrace on wet skin.

How to choose the beach towel

In choosing the beach towel that suits your needs, factors such as the occasion of use, the material, the weft and the drying speed contribute.

A classic beach towel in cotton terry is ideal for use on the beach or in the pool, providing a soft base to stretch out on and, based on the higher or lower weight, a soft relief as soon as it comes out of the water.

The damine cotton terry cloths, ie with a squared weft, are particularly suitable for those wishing to use a beach towel even in the gym, indoors or outdoors: they dry quickly, are light to carry and not bulky. Available in various colors, they can have edges decorated with inscriptions or inserts, to stand out in style even when you use them on the lawn, on occasions such as picnics or sun exposure.

The microfibre fabric is the most suitable solution for those who need a beach towel that takes up minimal space and dries extremely quickly. Available in any color and size, they are ideal for children who come and go continuously from the water but also for swimmers who need a towel that is always dry during training.

The patterns available for each type of cloth range from simple single-color versions to classic stripes and nautical motifs with anchors and boats. The most particular designs embellish the tapestries, specific versions of very light fabric, of circular shape, also used for yoga.