Bed Frames

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To sleep well, we think of the mattress first. Obviously, it is essential. However, it would be wrong to neglect other parts of the bed. The bed frame has an impact on the flexibility or the firmness of the bedding. As for the headboard, why deprive yourself while it adds a decorative touch? From the wooden bed frame to the upholstered bed, you have all the choices.

What bed frame for your bed?

Bed frames are often already equipped with a box spring. If you like firmness, it's better to adopt a slatted pattern. It allows the mattress to retain its shape and prevents it from sagging even after years. On the other hand, if you like a soft welcome, if you are light and / or small, the metal frame represents the solution. It perfectly maintains the mattress, while offering an inimitable elasticity.

How to select your bed and bed frame for adults?

- Do not hesitate to use structures with feet, especially if you are allergic to dust or dust mites. You will not see your bedspreads get dusty since you can sweep or vacuum.

- For extra guest beds, choose a folding model that fits easily in a corner, or a convertible sofa to free up space during the day.

- If you have a large room, do not neglect the maximum dimensions (180 X 200 cm) that offer total freedom, especially when sleeping with two.