Bed Skirts & Valances

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If the box spring is unavoidable, it is obvious that no one wants to see it. Better yet, you will greatly appreciate giving a touch of deco to this part of the bed. So, treat yourself to a bed skirt adorned with ribbons, romantic ruffles or elaborate hollow pleats. Do not forget the mattress protector, whose role is to preserve it over the years. Thanks to him, the bedding lasts longer and remains impeccable.

What mattress cover to associate with your bedskirt?

Sommier and mattresses are totally independent. Nevertheless, by protecting one, you allow the other to stay clean and healthy longer. And conversely. The mattress protector is not a luxury when you want to preserve the state of its bed base. Many materials are available according to your needs. A waterproof textile is a big plus, especially in case of small nighttime accidents. People who sweat a lot like it too. Just swipe to keep it clean. During the cooler periods, the padded mattress gives extra comfort with its soft welcome. As for bamboo, it is naturally antibacterial and gives a real freshness to the touch.

How to choose a bed skirt?

- Check the dimensions of your bed so that those of the cover fit perfectly.

- Make sure the color is in harmony with all your adornments. Do not hesitate to match it with pillowcases for a decorative reminder.

- Check the washing methods that must allow perfect hygiene.