Bed Slats

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Experts remind us of this and we experience it every day as soon as we wake up: sleeping well is important, because proper rest regenerates energy, improving health and mood. To ensure all these benefits, however, you will need a quality slatted frame, which guarantees the right support, cradling your dreams overnight.

Bed slats: when to change them and how to adjust them

It is easier to spend peaceful nights relying on staves in a perfect state of conservation. But how to understand if your network still does its duty or if, instead, it is ready for replacement? One of the recommended methods is to check that the wooden slats, especially in the sacral loin area, still show any upward curvature. In this point, in fact, the slats are particularly stressed and, over time, they tend to flatten out and lose flexibility, resulting in a wrong support that affects not only the quality of the rest, but also the performance and duration of the mattress. Not surprisingly, according to bed system manufacturers, deteriorated planks can void any warranty. But to sleep well, it is not enough for the wood not to be consumed: if your staves have stiffness rings, remember to adjust them according to the body weight indicators and to position them in V or inverted V, to obtain a gradual hardness plane.

How to choose bed slats

- Evaluates size and range and, for greater rigidity control, focuses on adjustable models

- Consider the type of wood: beech is usually more elastic than birch and is less prone to noise

- If you have special needs, opt for motorized networks and medical devices, which will allow you to take advantage of tax breaks

- If you don't want to change the entire network, replace the slats thanks to the convenient sets