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The processing of cotton and linen in mechanical form during the Second Industrial Revolution allowed the diffusion of linen accessories which are currently an integral part of the furnishing of each house.

From pillowcases to pillowcases, from towels to sheets, through quilts, stoles and tea towels: each room corresponds to the right household linen, with colors, patterns and materials useful for furnishing with style and functionality.

Which household linen to choose

When you furnish your home, you need to choose linen products that can enrich any room. The main types of linen are combined with the most lived-in environments of a home:

• Bedroom linens: to dress the double or single bed, bed sheets in breathable fabrics can be combined with quilts and duvet covers, depending on the season of the year. Soft and relaxing colors are ideal for the master bedroom while lively or cartoon-inspired prints will brighten up the children's room.

• Linens for kitchen and living room: brightly colored tablecloths, striped or checkered, combined with a set of plastic breakfast or plastic place mats or straw, furnish the table in the kitchen. Tea towels, potholders, oven mitts and aprons of different shades and colors contribute to making every activity fun. Stretch sofa covers or elegant stoles to protect sofas and peninsulas, combined with upholstered chair covers and cushions, to match the furniture in the living room.

• Bathroom linen: complete with towels, large and small; bathrobes and mini-napkins for the hands, in sponge, linen or cotton, are the indispensable for the bathroom linen.