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Making your bed as comfortable as possible means finding the right bed linen. Duvets, sheets and pillow cases are available in a variety of materials - including microfiber, cotton, flannel, fleece and satin. Furthermore, there are special types of bedding, for example, for summer and winter months and hypo-allergenic bedding. Important considerations when buying are size, design and durability. Different types of bedding are also handled differently during washing and ironing. Linen is available in a variety of different designs, so it's easy to find a set to match your bedroom furniture - whether it's plain, striped or checkered. Some sets even have unique sayings or symbols. Children's bedding is often colorful and features familiar funny characters from children's television shows or movies.

Some comforters are also reversible. They often have either the same design in different colors or different patterns on each page. So you can change the look of your bedding for a change without buying a new set.

Cosiness with the right material

Choose a fabric that is comfortable, easy to care for and fits the season. Microfiber bedding is soft, breathable and extremely absorbent, making it perfect for winter as well as summer beds. It retains its color for a long time and is dust and mite resistant thanks to the thin fibers. Microfiber linen does not need to be ironed and can be washed separately in the machine.

Another popular type of bedding is cotton, a natural fiber that is breathable, tear-resistant and durable. This bedding material is soft and comfortable for sensitive skin. It is resistant to most allergens. Although it tends to wrinkle, it absorbs moisture very well and can be washed at 60 degrees.

Seersucker and Linen are two special bed linens - cotton materials. They are naturally light and therefore ideal for summer beds. Seersucker has an irregular surface texture that allows better air circulation between bedding and body. This keeps you cool in warmer temperatures. Both materials are durable and easy to clean. In colder winter months, cotton or wool flannel sheets will keep you warm. It is breathable and feels soft and cuddly. Flannel hardly needs ironing and is extremely absorbent. Satin cools during the warmer months of the year. Among other things, designed for easy care, this bedding can be washed at 40 or 60 degrees. Most natural products are suitable for tumble drying, while some synthetic and microfibre bed linen must be air-dried. Some bedding materials, such as microfiber, satin and seersucker, can not be ironed. However, they are usually wrinkle free by themselves.

Alleviate allergy symptoms

People with allergies or respiratory problems often benefit from synthetic linens and microfiber linens made from fine, allergen-resistant fabric. Many hypoallergenic bed linens can be washed at higher temperatures, such as 90 or 95 degrees. This removes dust and other allergens that accumulate in the bedding.

Standard bedding 135 x 200 is the right choice for most people and beds. There are also blankets and corresponding laundry with smaller and larger sizes - for example, for children or especially tall body sizes. To find a matching duvet, you can add 20 to 24 inches to your body length. This will keep your feet covered throughout the night. Bedding sets often contain several items, such as duvet covers, pillowcases and top and bottom sheets. Some variants for allergy sufferers include anti-mite and dust resistant mattress and pillow cases.

Choose from our selection a bed linen with attractive design and the cooling or thermal properties that suit you and the season.