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The modular wardrobe is one of the pieces of furniture that best express the need for flexibility, practicality and customization of modern life.

Unlike traditional wardrobes, in fact, they have a variable and modifiable structure, designed to adapt to various needs, in terms of space, aesthetics and comfort.

Precisely for this reason there are several models, which can then be associated with a wide range of accessories to further customize them.

Types of modular cabinets

There are modular wardrobes that look a lot like traditional wardrobes: wooden, with hinged or sliding doors and with compartments dedicated to drawers or hangers. The difference lies in the fact that the modular cabinets have a modular structure: that is, they are structured in compartments that can be moved or even removed, to have a piece of furniture that is more or less bulky or that better fits the shape of the room. This way, for example, you can better occupy the corners.

Even the choice of doors depends on space criteria: the sliding doors are more suitable for narrow spaces, but there are also models without doors, with only the frame, which are also structured in removable compartments. Here the clothes are always visible, ready to be taken and worn. The materials can be very light: from thin wood to a metal skeleton covered with fabric or leatherette.

Accessories for modular cabinets

The spaces inside a modular wardrobe need to be occupied in an orderly and rational way. For this reason all types of drawers are on sale: in fabric or plastic, transparent or colored. Thanks to the drawers you can keep your clothes in order, with an eye also to aesthetics. The telescopic drawers are particularly elegant: in chromed metal, they must be placed on special tracks that allow them to be easily removed from the compartment with a simple gesture.

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