Bedroom Wardrobes

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Are you looking for the ideal wardrobe for your bedroom? Still have not decided if you prefer a wardrobe with sliding doors or conventional doors? No matter what type of closet for your bedroom you are looking for, in our catalog you will find models of one, two, three, or more doors and manufactured in different styles and materials. Take a look at our offer and choose the wardrobe that best suits your bedroom and your budget.

How to choose the perfect bedroom closet?

The wardrobe is a fundamental piece in all bedrooms. As a rule, together with the bed, it is usually one of the largest furniture in your room. To buy the right one, three of the most important factors you have to consider are the size, design and functionality:

• Size: This factor is essential when choosing a wardrobe. The first thing you should consider is the space you have in the bedroom. This information will help you decide if you want a closet equipped with one or more doors. Also, it will allow you to decide if you have enough space for a closet with doors that open in a conventional way, or if you prefer decanting a model of sliding doors, much more suitable for smaller spaces. Another essential element to determine the size of the cabinet you need is the number of people who will use it.

• Design: The design will depend on the style of the bedroom. Depending on the type of material and the closet finishes, the furniture will have a more classic or more modern style. You can find cabinets of many materials and colors. Look at the color of the cabinet and its finishes to determine if the set will work. You can always choose a risky design to give a breakthrough to the whole room. Also, keep in mind that if, for example, you are looking for a wardrobe for a child's bedroom, you can find fun designs for children. On the other hand, you can also decide on a closet in sight, that is, without external structure or doors.

• Functional character: Without forgetting that the wardrobe is one of the main elements of bedroom decoration, we must not forget that above all it has to be a functional furniture. Its interior has to be practical and organized to allow a good distribution of clothes. Check if the model you like has drawers (or allows the option to install them later), space to hang long garments such as coats or evening dresses, accessories for other garments such as ties or belts, special departments for shoes or bags, etc. Another feature you should notice is the height of the furniture. The high areas, such as the upper area of ​​the closet, can be very useful to store what you use the least, such as suitcases or shoes for special occasions.

How to organize the interior of the wardrobe in a practical way?

You can get your wardrobe always ordered to perfection if you choose the right accessories that allow it. In addition to drawers or shelves, inside the closet you can add a series of accessories that will help each item have its storage area. You can find, for example, special coat hangers for bags, cloth shelves to hang, extensible shoe and pants, among others.