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Beds have been serving as a comfortable place to sleep for millennia. They were made as a warehouse with wooden beams and upholstery made from skins, plants and other soft materials. Over time, fashion changed, there were four-poster beds with thick curtains, bunk beds, futon bedding, bunk beds, and wonderful wrought-iron frames. Modern beds have ergonomically designed mattresses and suspensions for a restful and healthy sleep.

Where to put beds best?

Before you buy a bed, set the pitch. Shall it be in the bedroom close to the window so you can enjoy the fresh air at night? As a guest bed, does it have a double function in the form of a sofa bed? In the nursery, loft beds are very popular. They offer additional space for playing and learning as well as a cozy retreat.

How to choose the right beds

- What size should the beds have? There are single beds, cribs and comfortable double beds. Cots for growing up can be converted from a baby cot to a practical junior bed.

- Do you need a guest bed? Choose a combination that can serve as a seat during the day. An air mattress provides additional sleeping space and can be stored very space-saving.

- Which interior design style do you prefer? Should the frame of the beds be made of real wood or metal? Boxspring beds are very comfortable and exude a lot of cosiness through the upholstery.