Beverage Refrigerators

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Normally the fridge is big enough to accommodate everything. But every time a party or a holiday is due, things get tight. Above all, there is always the question: Where to go with beer, wine, water & co? With a beverage fridge, this problem is easily resolved. Especially since these small, compact models have the advantage that they can be set up directly on the scene and save you the repeated way to the kitchen.

Perfect for parties and hot holidays

Beverage refrigerators are available in different sizes - for both private and professional use. For your home you will surely grab one of the smaller models, which are usually between about 50 and 85 cm high. The small version fits perfectly on a table or in a caravan. Ideal for hot summer holidays - so you always have enough cool drinks available. Keep in mind, however, that even in the best energy efficiency class, a beverage cooler consumes more power than a standard refrigerator. That's why you really should only use it when it's needed, and not permanently use it as a second device.