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A garden full of life with bird baths

A natural space is not complete without the singing of birds. But these visitors appreciate being well received. Nothing better than placing a pool so they can drink or bathe there. These garden accessories add a decorative touch not insignificant. Plastic, ceramic or metal, you install them wherever you want and enjoy the song of birds all year round.

What are the different kinds of bird baths?

Depending on the model, the baths for wild birds arise or cling, which gives you the freedom to place them on a wall, in the middle of the lawn or hang them on a beam. The most common have a foot and a basin. Some sting themselves in the earth. Cast iron or plastic, water troughs for birds are often ornamented with arabesques. They position themselves anywhere and you move them as you wish. The cups have the same advantages, the stem less. Just attach them to a horizontal or vertical wall.

How to choose among the baths for wild birds?

- In a private garden, multiply the water sources for birds with a large standing bath and various small troughs hanging from the trees.

- Make sure to place them in the shade so that the birds can enjoy not too hot water in the summer.

- In apartment, check the rules of your condo before installing a large bath for birds on your balcony.