Bivy Bags

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The term bivouac is derived from the French word "bivouac", which refers to a field or overnight camp in the open air. The Austrian ski pioneer, painter and sculptor Mathias Zdarsky owes his invention to the bivy sack. A bivy bag scores with its windproof properties, most bivy sacks are also waterproof. They are the ideal companion for an overnight stay to protect the sleeping bag from weather conditions. A bivy bag is therefore used mainly in mountain, climbing and trekking tours.

What advantages do bivouac sacks offer?

Real outdoor fans appreciate the bivy bag flexibility in the choice of sleeping space. In contrast to the tent, the soil conditions are relatively unimportant, so you can use a bivy bag at different locations to pitch a camp immediately. Compared to the tent he also brings much less weight on the scales.

What should be considered when buying a bivy bag?

- Should the bivy bag be used for one or two persons? Bivouac sacks are available for one person or two persons. In cold weather conditions, a two-person bivy bag has the advantage of doubling body heat.

- What material should the bivy bag be? Depending on the area of ​​application, the material should also be selected, with the bandwidth ranging from polyester to GORE-TEX to Sympatex or a material mix.