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Blinds and blinds are nowadays found in almost every household. Without thinking much about it, you pull the blinds or blinds in the evening and up in the morning. Whether in the kitchen, living room or the bedroom a life without blinds or blinds is hardly conceivable. They not only give us extra privacy and protect us from the prying eyes of outsiders, they can also protect you from strong sunlight and heat in the summer and frost and cold in the winter.

But which product suits you and your household best? Are you an individualist who would like to see his own design on the window, or are you more of a practical type that attaches more importance to the function of a venetian blind than to the design?

exterior shutters

Exterior blinds are often metal slats that are placed in front of the window. When attaching, however, additional fuses are a must, so that in severe weather and, above all, strong wind your window is not damaged. If you're a high-tech lover, then grab a slightly cheaper model. Exterior blinds, which cost a bit more, have an electric motor that automatically retracts the blinds in case of excessive wind.

External blinds not only make the room dark, but also regulate the room temperature, because external blinds protect against heat and cold.

Venetian blinds

Interior blinds are, as the term suggests, placed on the inside of a window and also provide protection from the prying eyes of your neighbors. In interior blinds, the imagination knows no bounds. Classic blinds, for example, consist of narrower slats, which are connected by a side pull and are therefore adjustable. A more modern version are the so-called 'pleats', which are made of a folded fabric and are available in a variety of designs in the trade. Other materials used to make interior blinds, e.g. Metal, wood, aluminum, PVC and other plastics. The choice is entirely up to your taste and budget.

But how can you attach interior blinds to your window? For that there are different possibilities. You can install the interior blinds on the wall or on the window niche, on the window sash or on the glazing bead of the window sash.

If you prefer not to use a drill, it is recommended to use PVC Venetian blinds, which due to their lightness can be attached by clamp supports. However, although indoor venetian blinds are easy to install and inexpensive to buy, they offer no extra protection from heat or cold. They only provide privacy and sun protection.

Roller blinds, also called Rouleau, are made exclusively for the interior of windows. They consist mainly of a large rectangular fabric that is rolled up and unwound over a roll.

Similar to interior blinds, roller blinds are available in every imaginable color, pattern, size and shape and thus offer the right model for every living room. If you are not satisfied with the offer and are looking for something special, you can even print personal pictures or motifs on your Rollo.

The main function of a roller blind is, of course, to provide you with visual and light protection. Opaque fabrics provide privacy from the outside, while light-proof fabrics can insulate or completely darken a room as needed. This is ensured by special coatings, such as Teflon or aluminum on the side of the roller blind, which faces the window. You think a roller blind is right for your home? Then you have the choice between a side pull operation, a central control and a roller blind with electric drive.