Blower Motor Fan Resistors

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A blower motor ensures a reliable and constant control of the temperature in the interior of the car and is therefore indispensable in modern cars. With the help of resistors, functionality and the associated quality demands can be guaranteed. Only when the engine and the engine are in perfect harmony with each other do they function to ensure a pleasant temperature and thus a pleasant atmosphere in the vehicle.

Where do I install a motor for the air conditioning of the car?

If the air conditioning system of the car is no longer reliable, it may be due to the blower, which requires replacement.

First, the localization of the corresponding engine for the air conditioning is important. This is located under the footwell cover or behind the glove compartment, depending on the vehicle model. A call to the dealer or a look into the vehicle book can remedy this quickly, so that annoying and time-consuming search is eliminated.

Once the location of the engine has been determined, carefully open the respective soft top. Then release the plug from the fan door by sliding the latches to the side so that the fan door opens. In the next step, the fan door is pulled out very easily and carefully. Since it is usually only hooked, this should be easily possible. Now there is an unobstructed view of the fan and the controls. The fan is usually mounted in the fan bay with four Torx screws. You have to unscrew these so that the fan can be removed from the shaft. To do this, first unscrew the two front screws on the front, then the two rear screws, which are located behind the controller. In the next step, the old motor of the blower is replaced by a new one. To do this, first remove the old motor, which is located on the controller, by loosening the two Torx screws. In the last process, the new motor is bolted and then the controller, fan and the fan flaps are professionally mounted. Finally, the connectors are re-made and the footwell cover attached. This completes the process and the air conditioning in the car should work properly again.

According to which criteria do you choose a suitable blower motor?

- Is a fan suitable for all car models? No, depending on the manufacturer and partly also model, the engines differ from each other, so make sure that the new engine is compatible with the car model. Here, the dealer can remedy.

- What role do the resistances play? Resistors are electrical components that are responsible for controlling the flow of current. Too high a current flow can damage the component and thus endanger the safety of the driver, e.g. through a short circuit. On the other hand, too little power leads to components not working properly or not at all. Therefore, it should first be determined what the resistance requirements are.

- What should be considered for resistors? When selecting the resistance, it must be checked whether the component can be installed in the car. This depends on the specified ohmic resistance of the component.

- Is a fan immediately necessary if the air conditioner fails? No, because a non-functioning air conditioning can have different causes. Thus, a short circuit in the wiring may be the cause, the wear of individual components, an overvoltage in the circuit or the formation of moisture on the object. These aspects should be checked and, if possible, remedied before the blower is replaced.

- Which tools do you need for installation? For the installation or replacement of the blower usually only a screwdriver for loosening the Torxschrauben is needed. Since the screw size can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, therefore, a set with different screwdrivers is advisable.