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The denomination of "bolster" corresponds to the characteristics of this elongated pillow as it crosses the bed in width. During Antiquity, there were already neckrests, but nothing in common with those of the modern era. Indeed, they were made of hard materials, such as wood. It was the Romans who created mellow versions. Appreciated then in the seigniorial houses, they remain in vogue nowadays thanks to the efficient materials in which they are conceived.

What is the best bolster for cervical problems?

First of all, it must offer optimal padding so as not to sag during the night. If you sleep in pairs, elect an individual model, which will give you total freedom of position. The ideal is to select materials capable of absorbing the heat of the body to return thereafter. Depending on your height and weight, the dimensions of this accessory will differ: so be very careful to choose them.

How to choose a good bolster?

- Make sure it is machine washable to keep it flawless. Also check at what temperature you can wash it.

- Determine which stuffing material you prefer in case of allergies.

- Check if the pillow is anti-paparian.

- Opt for a shape memory model (unless you sweat a lot), which will adapt to your morphology.