Box Spring Beds

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Boxspring beds consist of a base, which is made of wood on many models. The springs are firmly anchored in the base. For high-quality beds, Bonell spring core is integrated. You can choose whether you prefer the classic version or the narrower pocket spring core.

On the base is the mattress. It offers a very high comfort. If you wish, you can put a topper on the mattress to increase sleeping comfort.

The special substructure in connection with the mattress offers a high sleeping comfort. Box spring beds are available in different widths. They are significantly higher than classic beds. When placing the bed under a sloping wall, make sure that the bed is level in height.

How is the bed sheet raised at the box spring bed?

Boxspring beds are not just different from a classic bed. To get the beds you need special sheets. Commercial fitted sheets are not suitable because they are too narrow on the sides. You need special fitted sheets for boxspring beds that you can buy in stores. These models are significantly wider on the sides than classic bed sheets. They enclose the substructure and offer a pleasant sleeping comfort.

If you want to put a sheet on the box spring bed, do it the same way as with a classic bed. Even with two-piece mattresses, the bed is covered with only one sheet. This is due to the wide mattress construction. When buying bed sheets, you must consider the entire width of the bed, not just a single mattress.

Fitted sheets for the box spring are available in different colors and sizes. The materials vary as well. You can customize the design of the sheets to suit your personal taste and match them to your bed linen. Classic bedding combinations containing one or two sheets are not suitable for the box spring bed.

How to choose boxspring beds?

- In which sizes are boxspring beds available? The classic box spring bed can accommodate two people. It has a size of 180 x 200 cm. Alternatively, you can opt for models with 140 x 200 cm or 160 x 200 cm. The size 200 x 200 cm is offered less often. Individuals will find offers with a size of 120 x 200 cm. The purchase price includes the spring floor and mattress. You buy a complete bed that you only have to set up at home.

- How is the delivery of the box spring beds? The box spring bed is delivered ready assembled. When ordering, you agree on a delivery date because the bed is shipped as bulky goods. A disassembly of the beds for the purpose of a simpler delivery is not possible.

- What is a topper? The topper is a Swedish tradition. It is a second mattress, which is covered with its own sheet. The mattress is very thin and increases sleeping comfort. Toppers are available with and without spring core.