Boys' Trainers

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They are light, fun and never go out of style. The sneakers, this classic sports-style footwear, offers a diversity of designs and, depending on their characteristics, can be used to practice sports or complete informal attire. Their flexibility and lightness make them a great shoe for kids.

What are sneakers for a child? How to wash sneakers for a child?

The sneakers for children are children's shoes, mainly with textile capelladas. By extension it is possible to call sneakers all the sneakers, and its name derives from Wamba, slippers or classic cloth slippers. You can find sneakers for children in all the colors and designs you can imagine, from minimalist to themed. With regard to the way of washing, have peace of mind that the child's shoes of good quality are washed perfectly in a washing machine, but avoid the dryer, as it could damage them.

How to choose kid's sneakers?

- Casual baby shoes show an urban temperament and slightly grooved soles. Select those that reveal the preferred style of the boy or girl, be it sporty, hip-hop, classic or preppy, and in colors that match their clothes.

- If you play sports, you should always put on the appropriate kid's shoes. They are very different from basketball, tennis and futsal. Football with tacos are already another matter.

- Choose sneakers for children of the exact size, which are loose but not too much, otherwise they could cause chafing quite annoying.