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The condition of your brake shoes is probably the most important aspect of safe driving. If the brakes are old and worn, it can be dangerous. Warning signs include softness of the brake pedal, shrieking, squealing or rattling noises and a longer braking distance. Replace your brake shoes in good time before it is too late. We offer an excellent range of spare parts for all makes and models of top brands such as EBC, ATE and Fibi. You will also find all the tools and equipment you need to do this repair yourself.

To find the right parts for your car, you should know if your model uses disc brakes or drum brakes. The two types are constructed very differently and the pads are not interchangeable. If you want to do the change yourself, you should check the entire brake system for signs of wear before replacing the brake shoes. For drum brakes, inspect the brake anchor plate for heavy wear, warping or cracking. For disc brakes watch out for cracking, warping, scarring and rust on the disc. Check the caliper and pistons for possible jamming or heavy wear. If your vehicle has an ABS system and the warning light comes on, talk to a certified mechanic.

Brake shoe replacement is a medium duty repair. You need a sturdy jack and stand, a set of brakes and some special tools like a hold down and brake spring pliers. For more difficult jobs, you may also need a tool kit to reset the brake pistons. When you have finished installing, you must bleed the brake line and fill the reservoir with high quality brake fluid. For the exact procedure and further details you should refer to the operating instructions of your vehicle. Find everything you need to successfully replace your brake shoes here.