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The bread with its simplicity has also been for a long time one of the most difficult cooking foods, especially at home. With modern bread machines it is possible, through simple steps, to have fresh homemade bread every day and customize the recipes to suit your taste.

This appliance is equipped with a metal or plastic basket and a motor that mixes the ingredients through a shovel to form the mixture. The dough is then heated and cooked in the same basket. Use and operation vary from brand to model but in general the use is very simple: just pour the ingredients into the basket, close the lid of the machine and start the program. In the case of recipes that require the insertion of the ingredients at different times of cooking, almost all the models are equipped with a timer that, when sounding, signals when and which ingredient to add.

Bread machine models

The models available on the market are really endless, given the great popularity this product has had. The performances vary depending on the cost and size, but as always in the purchase of an appliance, to guide in the choice, must be the individual needs.

A first big distinction regards the capacity of the basket and therefore the quantity of ingredients it is able to contain. Very large machines are suitable for cooking bread and desserts for many people, but reducing the amount of ingredients can also lower the level of performance.

Some models support delayed programming, so you can set the time when you want to start cooking, so you can find freshly baked bread when you return home in the evening. They are suitable models especially for those who do not have much time available, but love recipes a bit 'more elaborate.

There are also specific models for recipes based on gluten-free flour, with considerable savings in terms of money and time. Food for celiacs, as we know, is quite expensive, but with a bread machine it will be enough to buy gluten-free flour to create elaborate recipes.

The machine is very easy to clean: just remove the basket that can be conveniently washed by hand or in the dishwasher.

What can be prepared with the bread machine

With the bread machine you can prepare an infinite number of recipes, both sweet and savory. It is useful for cooking all types of dough: plum-cake and paradise cake, white and black bread, focaccia, pizza dough but also more complex recipes. Almost all types of flour and baking powder are suitable for use with the bread machine, depending on which recipe you want to make. Once you are familiar with the use and with the dosages you will be able to free the culinary creativity.

All models are equipped with an instruction manual and a book of basic recipes to prepare with the machine. In addition, a quick Internet search will provide a flood of new ideas and even many classic recipes adapted to be cooked in the bread machine.

Some machines have special programs for cooking yogurt, jams and puddings. But even for those who prefer cooking with the normal oven or need to create recipes with more dough, the bread machine remains a valuable aid in the kitchen. It is in fact possible to use the appliance only with the kneading function, preserving the pleasure of classic cooking, but without the difficulty of kneading by hand.

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