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Not only the bodywork of your car, but also accessories such as rims, doors and rear lights require frequent overhaul especially on the occasion of apparently harmless accidents or breakdowns that could affect the efficiency and longevity of your vehicle over time.

One of the main components of the car, like other vehicles, is the bumper which, in plastic or in elastic material, serves to cushion or limit the damage caused by a low speed impact but also as an accessory of aesthetic value, painted in tone with bodywork or in bright colors to create contrast.

When to replace the bumper

The main factors for which it is necessary to replace the front or rear bumper of your car are:

• Safety: the elastic models are able to absorb the blows and recover in their natural position, while the plastic ones must be replaced after an accident. It is also necessary to pay attention to noise and vibrations which, even if apparently negligible, could be the symptom of damage caused by uneven roads or rear-end collisions and could compromise the efficiency of the bumper.

• Aesthetics: it is possible to make constant changes to your car with the installation of bumpers of the same or contrasting color; to keep it always in good condition, to personalize it but above all to guarantee greater functionality and better presentability. Signs, scratches and cracks are not to be underestimated, as they could compromise the proper functioning of the bumper.