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It is now possible to obtain an espresso elsewhere than in a café. Just buy an Italian coffee maker that you keep in the office or at home. It is a small machine that uses pressurized water vapor to make coffee. Thanks to the Italian coffee maker, the espresso machine is now within the reach of small purses. The operating mode of this machine is simple. We put water in the tank. Then we insert a filter filled with ground coffee. The next step is to turn your coffee maker on under a heat source. The water begins to boil and turns into steam. Once boiled, the water is pushed through various components of the coffee maker under heavy pressure until it reaches the top of the machine where the coffee is collected.

Which Italian coffee maker to choose?

If you are in a hurry and want to save time, prefer an automatic model. It allows to prepare in a time of time your favorite drink. Another advantage is that you can choose the desired dosage. The disadvantage is that it is necessary to maintain this type of devices regularly. The goal is to ensure the longevity of the coffee maker and to obtain a coffee that retains the same taste. If you want a coffee maker that requires minimal maintenance, opt for a manual coffee machine. Unlike an automatic device, it rarely breaks down. It also allows you to create your own coffee. This is a model that is more messy than an automatic machine and requires an extra expense to buy a mill.

It also chooses its Italian coffee maker depending on the material of manufacture. Those who want a solid device, for example, must favor a stainless steel machine, which has a longer life than a plastic coffee maker. Another element to consider at the time of purchase: the design. Opt for a model that matches the decor of your kitchen by buying a stainless steel machine or the color of your choice.

How to clean your Italian coffee maker?

If your Italian coffee maker is aluminum or steel, never use the dishwasher to clean it. These materials do not like aggressive detergents and washes. Always wash your Italian coffee maker in hot water after each use. Then, dry it in the open air. Wear kitchen gloves or use dish sponges to accomplish this task. Proceed differently to remove white spots formed on the walls of the tank because it is limestone. To get rid of it, mix hot water and white vinegar and put this concoction in the coffeemaker. All you have to do is boil the whole thing. The mixture will rise in various components of the coffee maker and thus clean the entire machine. To complete the cleaning, rinse your appliance, then make a test coffee. Repeat the operation frequently. The same technique must be used to remove black spots that accumulate on the device over time due to caffeine. the difference is that instead of white vinegar, use lemon juice. You can also make a mixture of boiling water and drops of bleach to clean your coffee maker. As long as you rinse your coffeemaker thoroughly after washing to avoid leaving residue.