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Want to make videos that you can watch later to remind you of good memories? Do you feel like a reporter and want to make small documentaries? Or are you tired of the photographs and their stillness? That's fine, if you want to store your digital camera in the closet for a while, make the choice to buy a camcorder. With the tips below, you are certain to make the right choice.

What are the different types of camcorders available?

A camcorder is a small portable device on which you can record sound and image. It therefore combines the function of camera and tape recorder. Today, these small video devices fall into two broad categories:

Camcorders or video cameras: less minimalist than action cameras, they are equipped with many features including a versatile zoom and adjustment wheel that goes with a small screen to visualize what is filmed (the latter being usually equipped with touch technology), an electronic viewfinder or a plug to connect a headset ... It is important to note that the image quality of camcorders has changed significantly in recent years, and it is now possible to shoot in high definition (HD) at a rate of 3840 by 2160 pixels per second. However, be sure to buy a camcorder that films at 60 frames per second minimum because below this ratio, the quality of your videos will be poor. A camcorder must also have a stabilizer, which will erase the inevitable tremors when making a video. Finally, and last but not least, the battery of a video camera must have a comfortable autonomy to allow you great freedom of movement.

Action cameras: as their name suggests, these are cameras that are used to film a scene while being immersed in the action. They are different in many respects from their cousin the video camera, especially by their size. Small and light, they can be fixed everywhere such as on a bike or snowboard helmet, a diving suit or a tree climbing harness for example. To protect them from this kind of "extreme" use, they are generally found protected under a transparent and waterproof case, which offers them optimal resistance against shocks but also against water or sand. Also prefer a model that offers a removable battery: so you can always have one or two spare to film your exploits when the original battery will give up. No more frustration of the breakdown at the wrong time!

Why buy a camcorder?

As said before, this type of camera combines the function of camera and tape recorder. Two devices in one so that can be convenient when you know the growing number of gadgets that are on the market. Easier to store so, but also with different functions that can actually capture particular moments for viewing later. No more hundreds of shots to sort, develop and then classify in an album that no one will ever open again!

Secondly, a camcorder can be very useful if you participate in sporting events or you are a great lover of thrills: it will allow you to capture the moment, the atmosphere of the moment and the technical prowess achieved during a particular day.