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The charm of candlesticks on your table: the past has good
Do you dream of composing a beautiful romantic or festive reception table? Look no further: candle holders and candlesticks are the ultimate. The faint glow of flames confers a unique atmosphere, especially if the event takes place in the evening. For two, with your family or with your friends, you're sure to please everyone. Children, even more than adults, will be amazed. Not to mention that these ornamental elements embellish furniture with just as much grace in everyday life. With them, convenient and serviceable is akin to elegance. In a corner, on a pedestal table or corner shelf, enchantment is guaranteed. Whether small or majestic, some candelabra adopt the curves of time long ago. You will appreciate them all the more as your furniture will be imbued with a traditional style. But maybe you prefer more contemporary lines? In this case, opt for sparkling saucers or frankly innovative models. Geometric shapes are, among other things, an excellent idea. This is a happy alliance between past and present.

How to put your torches in value for a successful decor?

Several options are possible. Of course, they will do wonders in the center of your round table. Do not hesitate to place several, next to each other for a real harmony. With rectangular tables, you do not emphasize the angles by positioning them there. On the contrary, you will scatter your candlesticks for a unique atmosphere. A trio in a triangle or a straight line will be perfect. On a long table, putting them in staggered with light garlands is the recipe for success. Even more daring: you can elect two sizes of candlestick to organize a round on your tablecloth. Play also on the colors. An aesthetic contrast can be achieved with the tablecloth and the dishes. Think of the black candlestick whose fashion has never failed. Alone or with several, with three or five branches, they produce a magical effect with a range of ivory or silver hues. You can animate them with garlands of flowers in warm tones. But it would be a shame to reserve the candelabra only on holidays. They are also useful during power outages and are a fun nod to the heart of a room. We find them on the mantelpiece and on furniture where we would not have thought of placing them: in the library near books with the patinated cover, on the edge of the bath for moments of relaxation or on the terrace. autumn evenings.

Which candlesticks for which rooms of the house?

- The classic candelabra blend with the feminine decor of the girls' bedrooms, especially with the black and pink chords they love.

- The candlesticks in the shape of a statuette, true objects of decoration, decorate pleasantly any piece of furniture of the living room.

- The photophores gather in the bathroom or in a sheltered corner of the garden.

Lamp candlesticks are welcome everywhere.

- Finally, for the children's room, fantasy models are popular, like animal subjects.