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A bed canopy is a wonderful addition to the cot. It gives a feeling of security and protects your child from external influences. With the fine fabric annoying insects are held. Light and sound penetrate only muted inside. In addition to the practical functions, a bed canopy made of delicate tulle looks wonderfully romantic. The pretty accessory is not just about baby cribs as a decorative accessory. Equip the sleeping arrangements for small and larger children with a canopy to create a cozy atmosphere.

When can you use a bed canopy for your baby?

Use the bed canopy for your baby from the first day. It can be installed over a bassinet or baby basket. For the larger cots there are matching models, which are supplied with hanging rod and ornamental elements. The canopy can cover the entire furniture or cover only the upper part. Freely erected structures can be installed above the stroller or baby seat. When setting up, always make sure that your baby can not get caught in the fabric.

How to choose a bed canopy

- Which bed should be covered with the bed canopy? For a cot is a small canopy, which can be attached to the frame of the cot. Above a large bed you need a model suspended from the ceiling or held in place with a sturdy substructure.

- Should the bed can be protected from insects? Choose a mosquito net that can be closed well from all sides. It should rest on the floor or form a closed capsule.

- What color should the bed sky have for your baby? You will find a large selection of beautiful models in pink, light blue, soft green and other fantastic colors. Delicate curtains of white organza or curtain fabric look very pretty. Fine embroidery and applications give the models an individual touch.

- Would you like to use the piece versatile? A beautiful canopy can also be used as a play tent or room for a relaxed retreat from everyday life. For this purpose, canopies are made of opaque material that reaches down to the ground. Hang the construction in a sheltered corner, away from the hustle and bustle.

- Can you sew a bed canopy yourself? This is no problem for sewing beginners. Get beautiful fabric and buy a ready-made frame to hang the bed canopy for your baby. With a little skill, the most beautiful creations are created that lovingly surround your little one.

- When should one not use a bed canopy for the baby? If your child is very active and is already on a discovery tour, you should remove the bed sky for a while. Otherwise it could happen that your child gets caught in the wide fabric and hurts when playing. If it's bigger, bring the pretty accessory back without hesitation.

- Should you attach toys to the bed canopy for the baby? Like to hang a pretty mobile or a music box on the frame of the sky, if this is stable enough for it. Your baby will follow the gentle movements of the cute characters. The melody from the music box can be a wonderful sleep aid for your child.