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Improve audio with a sound amplifier

Although with the integrated sets in today's cars the audio is very good in all cases, a sound amplifier can improve its quality. The sound systems of the cars can be completed, too, with elements such as multimedia receiver or bluetooth transmitter.

What does a sound amplifier do?

In audio systems incorporated into current automobiles, especially if they are high-end, the sound is usually of a quality, at least, acceptable. But if you are a very demanding person and you know that the best way to get good sound is not to force the speakers, you will use a sound amplifier. With this device what is pursued is to increase the sound power that reaches the speakers. It is done by the gain control that the amplifier incorporates.

How to choose a sound amplifier?

- Forget the idea that there are big differences between one sound amplifier and another. The truth is that the operation of all of them is very similar and you will not notice too much in the final quality of the sound.

- Look at the power of the amplifier, which should be similar to the set on your car.

- Observe the number of channels. If you only have one channel, it will be a subwoofer amplifier that will amplify only the bass.

- If you are a purist, you may be interested with integrated filters, which amplify only the frequency reproduced by each speaker.