Car Angel Eyes

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The angel eyes headlights are replacement headlights that allow you to change the look of your car's headlights without altering its functionality. The circular lamp holders that characterize this type of headlights can indeed accentuate the character of your car, giving it a more aggressive and sporty appearance. Moreover, thanks to special angel eyes lamp kits you can also customize the rear lights, the fog lights and even the interior lights.

What advantages do angel eyes offer?

The angel eyes headlights not only improve the aesthetics of your car, but they can also help you see better when driving at night or in poor visibility conditions. The beam of light generated by the lenticular projectors concentrates exclusively on the asphalt, allowing you to have a better view of the road without bothering the drivers of the other vehicles. Moreover, thanks to the lower light dispersion, you do not need to use more powerful and less durable lamps.

How to choose angel eyes headlights?

- Buy only approved angel eyes and compatible with your car. Otherwise you could incur heavy penalties for violating the Highway Code- Make sure that the lamps are also homologated for your car, referring to the type (halogen, LED or Xeno) and the format (H1, H4 or H7) - Prefer the models equipped with electronic trim adjustment, since they allow you to change the angle of the headlights while driving just like the original headlights. For angel-eye taillights, choose lamps of the same power and color as the original, so as to do not annoy other drivers and respect the Highway Code